Saturday Morning

In an email written to our parents at 5:20am:

Morning dads, 5:15am and I’m just back from East Surrey hospital.

Long story short – all yesterday, baby George didn’t pee, poop or eat (bottle or breast milk) and late evening he started to be sick, turned a worrying shade of blue and was having breathing difficulties.

We called the hospital and decided to go straight to a&e.

George was a bit cold with bad circulation and kept sicking up fluid basically – but his breathing did normalise as did his colour.

They’ve taken blood for some overnight tests and put him in the neo natal ward with a drip to get some fluids into him as basically he’s not eaten anything.

Poor Caroline is going to stay over on a ward but there was no space for me so I had to come home.

I’ll be going back at 9am where they’ll look into what’s causing it properly.

Phone reception is terrible around the hospital but we’ll get in touch to let you know what’s happening as soon as we are able.

He’s in good hands.

Dad, obviously if you wouldn’t mind taking Ben a bit longer!

Talk to you later


Saturday Morning

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