George’s biopsy result came back after a fortnight as inconclusive.

We’ll need to repeat the procedure next week and wait for the result all over again.

The chief consultant is 90% sure it’s this Hirschsprung’s disease, but can’t book surgery until we have an official diagnosis. 

George had been doing great and we’d been given permission to go home today for the weekend (it would have been longer with a conclusive biopsy). 

My optimism bubble was popped mid morning when George started being sick.

He’s being topped up with formula milk and his washouts weren’t producing much poop return the last couple of times we’d done them.

Giving him Aptamil was like putting diesel in a petrol engine.  He got clogged to the point where there was no more room for milk and back up it came.

Anyhow, we’re here for at least another twenty four hours whilst everything settles and things start moving again.

A nurse told me babies always have a bit of a wobbly the minute ‘going home’ is mentioned!


One thought on “Frustration

  1. Verena McGrath says:

    Sorry to hear this. Hoping that things sort themselves out and ye get to go home soon. Give George a hug for me xx


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