UK Blog Awards 2016

This site has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2016 in the ‘Health and Social Care’ Catagory which I’m really chuffed about.

If you have a minute and you’ve been following George’s story, then please support us by clicking the logo below:

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

Thanks and please tell your friends.

UK Blog Awards 2016

9 thoughts on “UK Blog Awards 2016

  1. Toulla says:

    Hello! My sister saw your article in the Croydon Advertiser told me about it.
    Great blog & beautiful pictures. I’m a Croydon mummy who has 2 amazing children, a boy aged 4 & a little girl aged 2 who has Downs, so your really blog struck a chord.

    p.s voted for you on the UK blog awards…. Good luck!


    1. hoisin says:

      Thanks for writing Toulla,

      I had to think hard about going ‘public’ with the blog, but knowing that it’s connecting with people has made me glad I did.

      Wishing you and your family well.

      Have a great weekend!


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