The road to surgery 

We’re back in Brighton and have had meetings with Chris, George’s dietician and his surgeon Dr N.

Both were happy that they’d heard nothing from us over Christmas.  No news is good news from their perspective as it meant George was doing well under our home care.

And indeed he has been.  He weighed in at a healthy 8.11lbs today which is where he needs to be on his growth chart.  The great thing is, since taking the feeding tube out – George has almost exclusively been breast fed.

The dietician was impressed that this is the case, telling us it’s rare a mother can re-establish breast feeding after a baby has been drip, tube and bottle fed and spent a month in a hospital bed.

Well done Caroline!  Special mention Caroline’s boobs.

Dr N is happy with how George’s stomach looks and is scheduling the surgery.  He has 4 other hirshsprung’s babies in his care currently, one critically who will rightly take priority.

We’re still looking at mid January but more likely mid February.  Before March in any case.

The doctor warned us off googling the operation and its ongoing after care as it’s complex. There are three different surgery options (he’s ruled out one already) and there are many permutations dependant on the individual child.

He’s a good man and I trust him and his expertise.

It was lovely seeing some of the great nursing staff who looked after us all during our extended stay down here too.

Pay rise for nurses please!

The road to surgery 

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