Pre-op checks

Another trip to the ‘Alex’ in Brighton today so George could have a couple of blood tests and so we could have a detailed chat about what his surgery and recovery could entail.

He’s booked in for Monday morning next week.  It’ll be an early start – feeding George at 4:30am, washing him out (one last time I hope) at 5:30am and on the road by 6:15am to get us to the hospital for 7:30am.

The surgery is a complex procedure for a complex disease.

Essentially, keyhole biopsies are taken at intervals along George’s lower intestine, through three tiny holes in his tummy to see where the  bad intestine stops.

That bad intestine is removed (via the nearest hole!) and then the remaining good intestine is ‘pulled through’ and joined up with his bottom.

I’m oversimplifying what could be a six hour procedure (and a lot of chewed fingernails and floor pacing for us).

There are many different variables and the surgeon (who is awesome) will have to be quite dynamic with whatever challenges present themselves in that tiny tummy. 

I had to be given a pamphlet just to understand how surgery in a children’s ward works.


Recovery will take a week to ten days and then the hope is we can take our little boy home, poop and all.

It’s Caroline’s birthday today and spending it discussing your youngest sons’ bowels might not have been the most fun day out, but an hour with our Doctor going through the procedure has at least put our minds at rest…a bit.

Bring on Monday.

Pre-op checks

5 thoughts on “Pre-op checks

  1. Sorcha Ford says:

    Just discovered your blog via Croydon Advertiser online.
    We are in South Croydon also and started a blog about our daughter who has Cerebral Palsy pre-surgery. Best of luck with George’s surgery.


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