Out of surgery 

Ten long hours later, George is out of surgery and we’re able to soothe him and stroke his head.

I can’t describe the relief it is to see him.  Every possible scenario goes through your head during a long wait like that and your mind starts to play tricks.

He’s wired up and groggy but by all accounts the operation was successful.

Half of George’s large intestine was affected by the Hirshsprung’s and has been removed.  There’s intestine to spare, so this is not as dramatic as it sounds – though it’s obviously not a small deal either.

The remainder has been ‘pulled through’ and joined at the bottom (literally).  Lots of internal stitching to accomplish this.

We’ll see in 48 hours or so if the procedure has worked and George gifts us a poop for all our worry and troubles.

The surgical team in Brighton are so dedicated and professional.

Today’s wait has been like a labour all over again and for all he’s been through, I love him more than I thought possible. His mum too.

Thanks for everyone’s support. We’ve not felt alone in this.

Stand down everybody.  You can all sleep now! x

Out of surgery 

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