Four months 

George continues to make steady weight gain and is stronger by the day.  His muscle tone is very good (not always the case with DS) and at four months he’s holding his head upright and and rolling onto his side.


One month on from his operation, the surgeon was proudly displaying his handywork yesterday – there is barely a mark on George’s abdomen from the entroscopic (keyhole) surgery.  Amazing really.

Our weekly trips to Brighton will now be fortnightly which will then become monthly and so on.

We continue to dilate George twice a day which isn’t much fun, but it ensures…hmm…his bagel doesn’t become a bap [polite mental image].

He vocally lets us know he’s hungry now so Caz and I have barely slept more than three hours a night in the last  four weeks – and we’re basically zombies, but that’s just as it should be at this stage.


Four months 

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