Night scares

It’s 1:37am and Caroline has just taken George to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

He woke us at 1am with breathing difficulties bad enough for us to call 111, who sent an ambulance straight away.

The ambulance crew quickly identified the problem as Croup – (a common viral infection of the airwaves) and gave him medication.

Croup is fairly harmless in itself, but in light of George’s age and  medical history they’re taking him in so that a paediatrician can check him over.

I’m home with a sleeping Ben and waiting for news.

It’s going to be a long night.


It’s now 2:42am and I’ve heard from Caroline.

George is ok but the doctors want to keep him in for observation for 24hrs as he’s very young/small for Croup.  It’s a precautionary measure in case it flares up again.


Night scares

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