UK Blog Awards 2016

No win for us at the UK Blog Awards 2016 finals in London last night, so regretfully – I have decided to call it a day and end this blog.  Thanks for reading.

…Come back, I’m joking!

It was never about winning an award and I was delighted enough just to be in the running (with some very distinguished company from the blogging universe).

A massive shout out to Hayley; who’s excellent was ‘Highly Commended’ by the judging panel – and rightly so. 

Maybe I’ll try again next year – but for me, with this site – it’s just George’s story, for him as he grows older more than anything else now.

That you are reading it  is a very welcome added bonus. 

It may not be award-winning, but I like it and one day I hope he will too.

UK Blog Awards 2016

One thought on “UK Blog Awards 2016

  1. downssideup says:

    I am so sorry that we didn’t get to meet. Not least because I carried a book around under my arm all night to give your little ones! (Please DM me your address and I will post on Tuesday.) Thanks for the mention, and yes, blogging is about community, catharsis, support and that one reader somewhere who reads it in the wee small hours and find their own strength on the back of it. Hops you had a fab night.


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