A long overdue update

Ok, ok…it’s been far too long since my last update (3 months in fact) and a few people have kindly asked when the next instalment will be – so here it is.

The headline is that at 11 months George is happy and healthy.  He’s playful, giggly and gorgeous.

He’s babbling (I’ve heard a few “mummas”), rolling, bum-shuffling and trying to crawl.  He also has a diamond-sharp first tooth coming through.

The family had a life changing relocation nearly 250 up the country to the north east coast back in August, so it’s been a pretty hectic couple of months.

Caroline is now a (brilliant) full time mum and I’m remote working with a fortnightly office trip to London.

It’s been difficult moving all of George’s medical matters up north and transferring surgeons to a children’s hospital in Sheffield – a task which is still ongoing but medically speaking he’s just fine.

We’ve made friends with a lovely local DS support group which George goes to once a week and we’re all working on our Makaton sign language (Justin Fletcher is a legend).

Next week we’re taking our first family holiday together as the four of us and looking forward to the break after what has been a rollercoaster year.

All in all we’re happy and more relaxed than at any point over the last twelve months.

A long overdue update

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