Designer Humans

I really enjoyed Sally Phillips’ documentary A World Without Downs Syndrome.

It’s on the iPlayer Here and is well worth an hour of your time.

It made me think about life before and after our George.

Before George, I had a patchy and inaccurate knowledge of DS and definitely saw it as something to be feared of in an unborn child.

I’ll admit here for the first time, I would have wanted to end the pregnancy had we have known. That’s hard to write.

Luckily for George and for us, he cleverly evaded detection. With the new testing featured in the documentary, he’d have been caught in the searchlight if it were today.

One year on and a crash course in Downs Syndrome later, my thinking is entirely different.

I can see now that all those fears I had were there because I hadn’t seen many positive stories about families with a child with DS on the telly or beyond.

Since having George, I’ve heard dozens of happy stories. In fact, it’s negative experiences that are scarce.

I’ve discovered literally hundreds of blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages who are putting out the similar message to mine:


So in a Kardashian world, where perfection is the goal and the technology is advancing – it does worry me that anyone deemed less than ‘perfect’ can be erased.

Where does that leave us?

Designer Humans

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