Great Grimsby

We’ll have been living in Grimsby a year in August and the time has gone by SO fast.

It’s been a great move for the family and we’ve all settled into life up here really well.

George has been getting all the provision he needs to learn and grow.

The brilliant NHS are providing physiotherapy, occupational health and portage – which is learning through play, as well as the sight and hearing tests he has needed.  I can’t speak highly enough about the professional health workers up here.

Then there’s the North East Lincolnshire Down’s Syndrome Family Support Group, which George has been going to weekly.  They have been invaluable and are really helping George and us with our Makaton sign language.

It was a bold move to pack up and leave everything in South London, but it’s worked out well and things are good.

Enjoy the summer…


One thought on “Great Grimsby

  1. Heather says:

    It’s been wonderful to follow George’s progress and now I discover you are in Grimsby where I live! Glad to hear you get so much support. Maybe I will bump into him one day. Xx

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