A bad start to 2018

Poor George is back in Sheffield Children’s hospital.

He spent New Years Eve in Grimsby hospital with what looked like pneumonia and the onset of sepsis. The staff there at A&E were brilliant and started treatment for both straight away.

He wasn’t improving so just after Big Ben chimed in the new year, he was transferred to Sheffield.

On New Year’s Day, George took a turn for the worse and went into septic shock. He was rushed immediately into intensive care where they could sedate him and give him the additional support he needed.

He is still in intensive care now but is stable.

It’s a very worrying time but we are so thankful that he is at Sheffield and being looked after.

A bad start to 2018


Our little lad is 2 today.

I think back two years – how poorly he was and how shocked and frightened we were to discover he has Down’s Syndrome.

If I had a time machine, I’d travel back and reassure us all that everything would be OK.  That right there was a boy who’d make us proud and bring us joy every single day. 

Happy birthday George, from a family who love you very much x


Home at last

A week later, George (and Caroline) are home.


It was norovirus – and because of his stomach issues, the doctors had to be extra vidgilant for enterocolitis (which can get very serious very fast).  

He’s still on antibiotics for the next 5 days to make sure he is fully recovered.

George is tired and whittery, but he’s back where he belongs.

Home at last

Hospital Update

img_0107.jpgAfter a good night’s sleep, George looked a little better today and was well enough for us to break him out of the hospital for a push around the park.

He’s still very lethargic and in discomfort between pain killer doses but he’s down to one washout a day and the gut-targeting antibiotics are working.

His consultant will see him tomorrow morning and will hopefully give us an idea on when we’ll be able to take him home – when the antibiotics course is finished and he’s drinking and feeding himself again basically.

He’s a tough little man and loved more than ever.

Hospital Update