George was discharged today.

We’re cautiously optimistic that we don’t have a return trip to Sheffield too soon (as happened last October).

We’ll keep a close eye on him over the coming days and all of our fingers crossed he stays well.

Thank you for all your well wishes this past week or so!


Getting there

George is getting better.

Three days ago his infection markers were over 250 and now they are 17.

I’ve finally got to cuddle him after four days at home keeping our eldest quarantined for chicken pox.

Our parents on both sides have stepped in to help us out (thank you parents).

Caroline has been patient and amazing. She’s not been home since 2017.

Sheffield is a three hour round trip.

The hope is as soon as George can come off the oxygen, he can be transferred back to Grimsby Hospital where he can finish his intravenous course of antibiotics and make a full recovery.

For now, I’m happy just to hold him.

Getting there

Better still

George had a settled night.

They’ve weened him off dopamine which was maintaining his blood pressure and have taken away most of the tubes and cannulas.

It’s fantastic news that his blood pressure is back to normal, this means he’s no longer in septic shock. He’s still having just a little oxygen, but it’s minimal so his breathing has vastly improved too.

He’s sore from having the ventilator down his throat but he’ll be given paracetamol regularly to make him comfortable.

Although we still don’t know the the underlying cause of the infection, his bloods show that his infection markers are coming down, so one of the many antibiotics are obviously working.

He will be moved out of Intensive Care and onto a regular ward today.

He’s an amazingly strong boy and we are so proud of him.

Better still

An improvement

George is no longer sedated and has had the ventilator removed. He’s come around a bit groggy and pulling at the various wires and tubes he’s attached to and generally getting himself in a tangle.

It’s nice to see him moving after two days sedation.

He’ll remain in intensive care with a one-to-one nurse who’ll ensure he’s monitored throughout the night and doesn’t disconnect anything.

Doctors are slowly weening him off drugs for his low blood pressure.

It’s all positive steps.

Thank you to everyone who’s shown such kind support since yesterday. It really cheers us up knowing you’re out there.

An improvement